Weathering the Upheaval

Society is going to undergo major changes. We don't want to be herded into the changes the NWO wants. We need to forge new ways to live outside the matrix.
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Weathering the Upheaval


Postby admin » Fri Jan 06, 2017 4:43 am

We're so accustomed to our way of life, its hard to imagine how it could be different, and how we could enjoy life without some of the technologies we enjoy today.
By implementing some of the solutions outlined at this site, we're going to create a lot of upheaval.

For example, if we stop supporting big companies, a lot of people are going to be jobless. But ultimately, that's a good thing. Joblessness will spur more entrepreneurism and independence. The solutions we're talking about will take some time before enough people get on board to make them effective.
So change is going to happen somewhat gradually, giving us an opportunity to adapt without too much pain.

The NWO has been with us for decades and centuries, so we're not going to dismantle it overnight, even if everyone suddenly 'woke up' tomorrow.

Ironically, some of the things we should be doing are exactly what the NWO wants us to do. The difference is that they want us to do these things while staying within their system, but we want to do them outside their system. For example, Agenda 21 calls for general 'austerity'. They're going to bring it about by raising the cost of living while keeping the economy stagnant. The result will be less disposable income for most people. You're not going to be able to afford a house or car or luxuries. But much of what we will have to do without, we could always have done without. We have these things as a result of being indoctrinated into the cult of consumerism.

The way we live seems natural to us because that's all we've known. You're born into a society and you grow up accepting it as normal. But its not natural or normal to work a 40 hour week, 50 weeks a year and then get 2 weeks to recuperate. Do you really need Polysorbate 60 in your food? Do we need BHA laden plastic bottles? Do we need to send our children to spend most of their day in a State indoctrination center? For many, its almost impossible to imagine life different from what they know. But once we realize we're unknowingly following the Pied Piper, that we did not arrive here by random, natural means, the changes become easier to handle.

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