We can't avoid them all

Consider starting your own business instead of 'getting a job'. Even if you have a job, maybe you can ditch it one day. If you need a job, try to find one at a small family business. Avoid buying from big companies when possible.
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We can't avoid them all


Postby admin » Thu Jan 05, 2017 8:23 pm

Sometimes you need big companies because they can do things smaller ones can't. Cars are an example. Sure there are some small car companies, but they can't make a car that sells for $12,000. Only the big guys can do that.

Of course, who says you need a car? Well, today, many people, myself included, could not get along without a car.
But as we withdraw more and more from the system, cars may become less important. Same goes for computers and other technology.

For now, we need some big companies while we transition to a new society, even if we don't yet know what that new society will look like. But we don't need big companies for food, clothing and other items do we? Could we get along comfortably without Monsanto? I think we could.

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